From the under–celebrated to the elevated.

A new identity and home for Ravensbourne University’s Post Graduate courses.

Using the building as a starting point, all aspects of the visual language are based on a strict grid. At the core of the identity is a new monospaced version of the Ravensbourne brand typeface – allowing for grids within the typography.

The ethos behind The Institute is one of experimentation and collaboration. So we felt it was essential to design a feeling of restlessness into the identity. The typeface randomly swaps regular letters with ‘digital glitch’ ones as you type.

The identity is supported by a graphic language that amplifies the grid even further.

Working with Systemantics, we have created a machine learning tool that automatically generates unique grids and image compositions from an internal library. The user teaches the software which designs it prefers, and in turn, the software begins to adopt the user’s style – a beautifully simple expression of creativity meeting technology.

We started this project at the start of 2020 – just before the country went into lockdown. For most of it, all the creative partners were working simultaneously with constant collaboration between each other. The project is a testament to the collective intelligence of the group and the creative vision of Lawrence Zeegen who led the project for Ravensbourne.


Lawrence Zeegen / Ravensbourne Universtity / Barozzi Veiga / Brinkwork / Something More Near / Systemantics / Studio Makgill

Photography: GG Archard