Joint is a student accommodation brand that puts wellbeing at the centre of its offering.

The founders approached us looking for a refresh to their existing brand. As conversations developed, it was clear how much they had outgrown their old identity and how poorly it aligned with their ambition.

Our priority was to build a brand that felt inclusive and playful. We collaborated with Alt on a new name, positioning and brand behaviours to help reposition them.

Central to the visual language is a set of illustrations drawn and animated by Form Play. We wanted to make it clear that Joint are a company that deeply values and respects how important it is to have a helpful and supportive relationship with its customers. The illustrations serve not only to bring some lightness to the brand but to portray its softer side.

Being a ‘digital first’ brand, it was key that the visual language held your attention across all digital platforms. Animated versions of the characters punctuate the communications and bring a feeling of energy that was key to capture.