A new oat milk ready to take on the giants.

Rogue Oat knew that launching into a booming sector as competitive as the alt-milk one required a bold and distinctive brand identity – one that is impossible to ignore and will set the business apart.

The ambition of the brand is to grow steadily. So our challenge was to create the most impact without stressing them financially. We decided to design a bold and playful custom typeface that gives the brand instant recognition and enormous versatility.

Taking things a step further, we designed ‘bounce’ and ‘shadow’ versions of the typeface to add further expression and energy.

Unlike most of their competition, who actively campaign against traditional farming, Rogue Oat are third-generation family farmers. They recognise that initiatives like theirs are the solution to making their industry more sustainable.

We developed a series of illustrated characters to introduce this perspective into the identity. They act as endorsement marks – a way to express the Rogue Oat quality and their connection to farming.

Illustration: Form Play

Working with Studio Makgill on Rogue Oat has been an absolute delight. Their clarity of thought on both strategy and design was exactly what we needed. Nothing has ever been too big and ask and none of our silly questions ever deemed too silly.

Flo Hawkins