An identity and website for a new architectural studio based in London and Amsterdam. Studio MULTI covers multiple disciplines from multiple countries by a multigenerational team.

The essence of the identity was to find the balance between formality and expression through colour and scale. It is wonderfully simple in application, but it is delivered with plenty of detail and care.

“The typography references the way we look at buildings, which reveal details the closer you get to them”


Despite there being more than 60 years of experience between the three partners, Studio MULTI are not interested in using old projects from previous roles as their portfolio. So, the website has been designed to evolve with them over time.

Its initial state allows for multiple content types, each presented in a single hierarchy. Once they have completed several projects, the website will separate the content types allowing for a different user experience.

Website development: Gareth Jones

We designed an exhaustive (and incredibly straightforward to use) bid and presentation document suite. It was crucial that the templates looked great but didn’t present any obstacles when working on them under pressure.