M + E brings a new level of clarity, quality and sustainability to the overly complicated nutrition market.

Working with the founder, Evie Montgomery, we developed the brand’s positioning, values and product architecture.

360ME is the first range of life-ready Mood Nutrition from the company. The four products all focus on an individual clear and singular benefit. Every capsule has only what the body and brain needs, which means that there is no need to buy multiple products to achieve the same results.

Our strategy was to match the clarity in Evie’s approach with an identity and packaging that was beautifully simple yet managed to communicate both the science that underpinned the product and the qualities that they deliver on a human level.

The brand communicates with confidence and purpose, giving customers all the information they need, and nothing that they don’t. Much like the supplements themselves.

Every element of the packaging – including the blister packs – was meticulously sourced so as to be fully recyclable.