With impeccably designed interiors and a genuinely exuberant and thriving culture, PLATF9RM have managed to create something unique within the co-working sector.

Tasked with bottling their spirited approach, we worked closely with the founder and creative director to build a clear understanding of the brand. In response we built a rigorous strategy that would help articulate this vision.

The name itself comes from Founder, Seb Royle’s desire to escape the daily commute; Brighton’s non-existent ninth platform symbolising the dream of a better work-life balance.

The identity pays homage to these beginnings by referencing the split-flap notice boards of train stations. We built the brand around a kinetic typeface; forever in motion, it became the perfect way to describe both the brand’s origins and the energy of the space itself.

The brand essence, Make Work Wonderful, has become a joyful call to arms for the business and its members.

Interior photography: Emma Croman
Interior design: We Like Today