Our relationship with H Furniture has developed beyond the usual client agency model into one where we have now collaborated on our first piece of furniture together.

The stunningly simple and elegant WW Chair – launched in 2015 – is one of H Furniture’s best selling pieces. To our delight, we were invited by them to reimagine it for designjunction 2016.

We didn’t want to alter the form in anyway – that felt unnecessary. However, we were immediately interested to see how colour could transform the chair.

Throughout the process, we kept coming back to the conversation around origins and geography. The Windsor chair (the original inspiration) was originally a British design, Alejandro (the founder of H) is a Mexican living in London and Hamish’s Danish roots and their mutual love of Danish furniture has always been a point of discussion.

At the heart of the palette are the four colours from the flags of these three nations.